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I accidentally put cold water into my oats.

Kill me now.

So I was looking up the emofuri thing everyone was talking about, and I forgot that I was typing in Mandarin and it ended up as 恶魔赴日 (something like “the devil runs for the sun”) and I can’t

I’m reading the Four Swords Plus manga and the only thing I’m gushing about is the hands.

The hands, oh my god they’re so good. Wonder if the mangaka ever drew Wallmasters.

I tried one of those limited palette things while drawing without lineart and let’s just say I fricking gave up. I’m not made for colouring.

I’m never colouring anything without proper lineart and I am never coloring with a limited palette ever again.



A little too late to make this a Father’s Day post. But oh well.

Dad jokes work a little differently in the MOTHER universe.

Nooooo u and jerome belong tgt i have been shipping u two since i met u guys~


So has the entire school but that is the past (I think) calm down people already leave me behind find girlfriend leh

Wait a second Jerome’s hooked? Kids these days ain’t tellin’ me nuthin’.

*anon voice* i ship u with 3-lincoln jerome why arent u guys tgt yettttt


Because he also has a girlfriend!? Why you keep shipping me with people already attached heartbreaking lehhhh

*silent laughter*

…Did no one get the “push the wrong button” joke?

Y’know, because modern telephones has buttons…but Ness’ dad phone doesn’t…

Now that I think about that, it actually ain’t that clever. I suck at puns.

I would have said “I got more where that came from” or “someone stop me/get me away from my tablet” but the truth is that I got nothin’ left.

Part 1

A little too late to make this a Father’s Day post. But oh well.

Dad jokes work a little differently in the MOTHER universe.




ppl pronouncing daphnes as daf-knees tho


That isn’t how you pronounce it?……….I’m ashamed.

nope :u he’s Daf-nes No-han-sen

I guess the name “Daphne” trips people up since his name is the male variation of it but there is no extra “e” for that kind of pronunciation people are giving him (the “daph-knees” one)

if his name was Daphnees maybe, buuut it’s not, his name is even Daphness is other translations.

The Japanese romanji spells “Dafunesu”. So Daf-ness sounds about right.

Doodling a bunch o’ random Mother 3 (after a long absence) while hearing about Nintendo E3 news on Tumblr because my computer keeps crashing the damn stream for no good reason


But holy shit I can’t wait for Zelda and Pokemon and SSB4 (what if Ness was an unlockable character with a million matches)